CPOW in Surrey

Thank you to all those Surrey teachers who signed up for the May 1 STA CPOW introduction — Spark Wonder.  We are having another gathering May 15th at 10:00.  Sign up here: https://m.bpt.me/event/4590089

In the presentation, we talked about some playful ways to engage with the Contemplative Practice of Writing.  CPOW offers time and space for unbounded thought and quiet expression. Even a short daily session will help you find your best self and free up the words that live in that part of you.

Our Friday sessions are an ongoing small group gathering where you can go deeper, ask questions, and try a few exercises.  Welcome back — or if you’re new to this — welcome for the first time.  It’s a safe place, and you will never be put on the spot.  Hope to see you there.

Here’s the signup.  I’ll send zoom meeting information mid-week.  Stay well.

Sign up here: https://m.bpt.me/event/4590089