By Ken Hoff

Ain’t Librarians Great?

Last week it was our privilege to go for a visit to Richard Bulpitt School to read The Boy Who Paints.  

We talked to kids about painting and writing and the importance of both. Today, the need for an expanded range of literacies — both word-based and visual — is part of the everyday context in which our kids live and interact with each other and the knowledges of the world.

So isn’t it great to know there are fabulous librarians out there — like Deb Cowland — who organized our visit. She loves books.  And she believes in showing kids the best of the best — beautiful, well-crafted, and profoundly meaningful books, as well as intelligent and enticing linkages to the digital world.

Since I posted this blog post the first time, I received other information from a reader.  Turns out other people think Deb is a great librarian too: in October, she was presented the BC Teacher-Librarian of the Year — Diana Poole Memorial Award. This award is the highest honour of the BC Teacher-Librarian’s Association and recognizes individuals who are making an exemplary contribution to teacher-librarianship at the school level and beyond.  Wow!

We’d also like to thank Lynie Tener, Instructional Services Coordinator for SD 35 for her support of our work and Ken Hoff, Communications Manager, SD 35 for his stunning photographs.

We look forward to continuing to workshop our work with enthusiastic students and teachers across the Lower Mainland.