Bring Your Mom, Your Momma, Your Ma

If you’ve ever wanted to take a step out into a new realm and something has held you up, or if you’ve managed to move toward the light that makes you the person you are, then come along and join us as we talk with eighty-three-year-old painter Barbara Boldt about what inspired her to move toward her ambition to paint full-time.

She was middle-aged when she started to paint and has continued to learn, to be curious, and to see beauty in the world around her more than three decades into her career.

Mother’s Day is coming up.

So if you’re casting around for an interesting place to take your Mom to celebrate her, why not come to Fort Langley’s historic St. Andrew’s Church on April 20th at 1:00 for the second in our series of Tea Talks — small gatherings of people interested in talking about books and art.

Barbara’s is an inspiring story.

But we really hope we don’t just hear from Barbara.  We want to hear your story.  And your mother’s.

If you’re planning to come, please let us know so we make sure there are plenty of goodies for everyone — just drop us a line under “contact us.”

We’re looking forward to it.

Thanks to Kamloops photographer Elizabeth Sigalet for this wonderful portrait of Barbara.  See more of her work at www.esigalet.com.