Daughter’s Eyes, Mother’s Hands

barb daughter's eyes

I had coffee with Barbara Boldt this morning.

She is hard at work on a new themed series of paintings called Daughter’s Eyes, Mother’s Hands.

In the years since her daughter, Dorothy Forbes, died in 2000, Barbara has sought ways to honour her.  She also wants to find ways to keep connected with Dorothy as the years go by.  A while ago, she hatched the plan to create a group of paintings based on her daughter’s photographic collection.

An artist herself, for many years Dorothy took photos of the beauty she saw in the world. When she died, Barbara was lucky enough to be given her daughter’s photographs.

Here is a photo I took this morning, of Barb holding Dorothy’s photo of the world she saw — along with the painting Barb created from the photograph with “a mother’s hands.” She calls the painting “Playful Waves.”

I wish her good luck as she continues on this journey of interspersing her own work with images from her daughter’s collection.



  • April 22, 2013

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