Ms Thygesen and Ms Loeppky’s Class at WGSS

Here’s a sample of the wonderful work created on Tuesday April 30 in Room 229.

We workshopped The Boy Who Paints on Tuesday April 30th at Walnut Grove Secondary School in Ms Thygesen and Ms Loeppky’s class, creating a class set of tiny landscapes on stretched artist’s canvases.

Class members demonstrated real talent: facility with the brush in broad strokes, tiny dabs of texture, and gradations of colour.

Students also had to create names for their art pieces, and we were humbled by the names they chose: Field of Love, Fresh Field, Field of Destiny, The Neck, The Most Delicious Carrots, Sunshine, and many others.

We thank this class for the opportunity to visit, and for their focus and concentration while we were there.  We would love to be invited back for a second art workshop on the theme of The Boy Who Paints.