Danny What Are You Doing?: A New Novel by Mark Alexander.

This new novel by Vancouver writer Mark Alexander is one we’re proud of.  

We’ve worked with Mark over the past couple of years to bring it to press under his imprint MAC Publishing.

It’s a novel of Canada, and one that features the many landscapes of Canada, from the Margaree Valley of Cape Breton Islands, to the Canadian Shield, to the islands and inlets of the West Coast.

Danny MacDonald, it’s main character, lives life at full throttle.  He chases meaning, always hoping to change the world for the better.  Told by his long-time friend and almost-lover, Laura MacNeil, the novel is a sympathetic portrayal of a flawed but irrepressible human being.  It is a wonderful story, with surprising twists and turns.

Growing up in the 1950s in the Margaree Valley of Cape Breton Island, Danny was inculcated with the beliefs and values of the Antigonish Movement, a community-based approach to social and economic development initiated by his uncle, the famous Roman Catholic priest, Moses Coady.  Insouciant, irreverent, defiant, and intolerant of pretension, Danny makes his way from the Margaree to Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, and Malawi in search of social justice and personal fulfillment.

Kirkus Reviews described this chronicle of Danny’s life as “a stop-start look at a man who wants to save the world.”

Brimming with unique characters and events that bring the social democratic movement of the 1950s and 1960s into perspective, Danny’s uplifting and tragic story is not only a portrait of a person, but also a portrait of a time of optimism in Canadian history.

Danny is available for $14.95 on Amazon at Danny What Are You Doing?.  It is available in ebook format on Kindle and Kobo for $9.95.  It can also be ordered directly from Mark at markcannonalexander@gmail.com for $14.95 and $4.00 shipping and handling.