Places of Her Heart:
The Art and Life of Barbara Boldt.

This biography of British Columbia painter Barbara Boldt tells the story of a fascinating life. Born in Germany in 1930, Boldt immigrated to Canada after World War II, married, and raised a family before embarking on her career as a painter in middle-age.  Containing over 200 of Boldt’s paintings as well as archival photos and sketches, this lavish memoir speaks of the challenges and joys of establishing a career as a woman painter in Canada. It is an inspiring story — perfect for giving.

It is the paintings that first draw you to Places of Her Heart. Beautifully crafted landscapes of the Fraser Valley and Gulf Islands, Barbara’s paintings can easily be compared with the work of Emily Carr.  However, it is K. Jane Watt’s eloquent and sensitive telling of the story of Barbara’s life that brings one back to this wonderful book, again and again (Mark, Vancouver, 2013).


Places of Her Heart is now being distributed by SANDHILL BOOK MARKETING and available in bookstores across Canada.  We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

Close to home, it is available at Wendel’s Bookstore and at Birthplace of BC Gallery Birthplace of BC Gallery

Thank you so much for sending Barbara’s book. Her nuanced paintings are outstandingly reproduced, the text is thoughtful, literate and precise, and the layout extremely professional. Kudos to you for pulling everything together and for working to a very high standard. I can picture Barbara in my mind’s eye over coffee saying what I’m reading now in her book. She’s not only a strong artistic force, she’s a vital philosophical force, too. In short, both book and painter are keepers (Bjorn, Sooke, 2013)

Press: Life lived over two continents and 1,500 paintings – Langley Advance

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