The Boy Who Paints: with Illustrator Richard Cole.

We are proud of this book and the place it has found in classrooms and in the hearts of young readers.  It was shortlisted for the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award, the Chocolate Lily Award, and the SD 35 Book of the Year.

It is the story of a boy becoming an artist.  He loves to paint, and he paints all the time, even when his mother nags at him to stop.  But something is not right because the world he sees around him does not come to life on his canvas. We watch the boy as he journeys into the world of possibility through art.

The Boy Who Paints speaks to everyone who has wondered about their path in life, and to everyone who has doubted their abilities at one time or another. The boy learns that if he follows what his guts are saying, he can connect to art and the world in profound ways.

Vancouver teacher Adrienne Gear (author of Reading Power, Nonfiction Reading Power, and Writing Power has this to say about our boy:

Thank you so much for sending me this book!  I LOVE it and found it inspiring. It fits into Visualizing and also Transforming!  The illustrations are beautiful and I will be sharing it at workshops.

The Boy Who Paints is being distributed by SANDHILL BOOK MARKETING and is available in bookstores across Canada.

Text of the Kirkus review of The Boy can be found at

Category: Author, with Illustrator Richard Cole of Cole Studio.

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