Richard Bulpitt School

We are very excited to be workshopping The Boy Who Paints tomorrow at Richard Bulpitt School in good old School District 35 in Langley.

We will be talking to kids about our work in the creative field.

Most kids have met very few artists or writers — and talking about our jobs gives us the chance to lay the groundwork for the messages in the book, such as the importance of believing in yourself, working hard, and having the courage to try again.

Kids will get a chance to “Describe the Land” by painting a landscape and creating a descriptive title for their art piece. An artist uses paint to describe the world. A writer uses words. Both make people see the world through a new set of eyes, ask them to notice what they haven’t noticed before.But how do writers help readers visualize? How do artists describe?

It promises to be a fantastic afternoon — part of our donation of a book to each elementary school in the district — and our ongoing schedule of workshops for the 2013-2014 school year.