Research & Writing

fenton-1We have a special interest in stories of British Columbia and in crafting a range of material that gathers, interprets and extends regional history.

These stories of the past root us in place and time and offer opportunities for contemplating pathways to the future. They inspire us to dream and to act. They help us to plan. And they offer the logic that underpins policy.

We can write anything along the continuum from quick historical backgrounders to fuller cultural histories.  We have written suites of walking brochures that connect stories from the archives to the hand of the walker on the trail.  We have drawn from community lore to create interpretive and wayfinding signage.

We have mined through dusty boxes and trolled through archives for corporate and industry histories, and have consumed thousands of cups of coffee while gathering first-hand accounts for biographies and oral histories.  We’re good listeners.

“History is bounded not by memory but by imagination.

It is an expression of the complex layering of human and natural stories on place — captured in the patterns of plant and animal life on the land, in speech, in writing, in photographs, in art, and in innumerable details housed in documents of past times.

What we know is that history matters to people – now. They are practicing it, enjoying it, and learning about it in many ways and across different media platforms.”    (K.J. Watt 2012)