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Some Awesome Words

Check out Adrienne Gear’s summer blog — The Boy Who Paints was featured as Day  7 of her summer reading program.

She says:

The story is … a rich story of self-discovery, having confidence in your vision and realizing possibilities. Through the discovery of color mixing, the boy sees the world differently and experiences his own “transformation”.  There is interesting information at the back of the book about color mixing and the history of paints which would tie in nicely to an art lesson.

The  illustrations are unique and interesting as Cole layered and combined materials such as handmade papers, maps, old dictionaries, pen and ink,  paint from oil, acrylic and watercolor, all mixed together on different  papers, then scanned and reworked them in Photoshop.

Another thing I appreciate about the book is how they have referenced the Canadian landscape in many of the pages: “the quiet of a mountain lake”, “the deep horizon of a prairie field”, “the wind’s footsteps in a field of canola”. 

Thanks Adrienne for the kind words!  And thanks too for all the hard work you do to help kids love reading!

See the blog and her complete webpage at:

Make reading  a big part of your summer holidays.