Surrey: A City of Stories

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We are pleased to see that people really love our new book, Surrey: A City of Stories. 

They have told us that they feel connected to it — can find themselves and their families in its text and photographs, and can learn about the experience of others on the plane of a single municipality over time.

The stories it contains reflect challenges and human innovation — not merely in terms of built structures and industries and diverse economies, but also within relationships.  It’s our ability to reimagine relationships between each other and with government that will allow us to do the work of reconciliation, rethink the importance of place, and help us build great communities today and in the future.

Local history is powerful.  It speaks of the diverse experience of nearby people, and celebrates nearby places.


This photograph is a detail of “Threshing Crew, Loney Farm” 1900 from the Surrey Archives. (SA 1.2.01)