Canada Day Schedule of Readings

Come and join us at the Fort Langley Festival of the Book between 11 and 3 at Fort Langley Community Hall.  The place will be a-buzzing with book lovers of all ages.

We know it is going to be sunny, so here is our roster of readers for the outdoor stage:

11:00 Betty Sinclair

11:10 Bruce Kilby

11:20 Debra Purdy-Kong

11:30 Darlene Foster


11:50 Philip Sherwood

12:00 Watt and Cole

12:10 Mark Alexander

12:20 Sheila Nickols

12:30 Gail Banning

12:40 Chantelle Saumier

12:50 Georgia Hunter

1:00 Patricia McCuaig

1:10 Jennifer Lott

1:20 Barbara Boldt

1:30 Harrison and Fairweather

1:40 Envy Louis

1:50 David E. Burnell

2:00 Fern Hinse

2:10 Larry Jacobsen

2:20 Selma Turner

We’re excited about our first Fort Langley Festival of the Book.  Hope to see you there.

Passion and Your Life’s Work

I was listening to Roman Krznaric on CBC’s Tapestry yesterday Who is the Holy Ghost? / How to Find Fulfilling Work.  His segment begins at 27 minutes.  He talks about his work at London’s School of Life The School of Life – Good Ideas for Everyday Life (of which he is a founding faculty member) and speaks eloquently about finding fulfilling work and the need to serve the self in the pursuit of making a living — noting Aristotle’s sage observation that

Where the needs of the world and your talents meet, there lies your vocation.

His discussion with host Mary Hynes put me in mind of the many hours of conversation I have had with painter Barbara Boldt as we put together her book — advice she reiterated as soon as I got in the door this morning for coffee. Her instructions for painting are a formula for a well-lived life: find a subject you are passionate about. Find beauty in the everyday. Reach inside yourself to find your voice — your unique contribution to the world. Work hard.  Believe in yourself.

Adhering to this mantra has allowed her to create paintings such as “Weathered Face” (at the top of this post) and to find meaning and joy in each day.