Recommended by Canadian Materials! The Boy Who Paints

We are delighted to be “recommended” by CM Magazine. 

 “The Boy Who Paints is a positive, inspiring story with wonderful illustrations.”  Sabrina Wong, University of Calgary.

We’ve been having great success engaging with readers and learners of all ages, from K to 12.  We encourage readers far beyond the primary grades to be inspired by this book that speaks to the process of becoming an artist and the confidence and self-definition such a decision requires.

He makes a sign for his bedroom door: Art Studio.

In readings and workshops we ask readers to consider narrative voice: intermediate readers, in particular, find the narrative’s direct address to them quite hilarious, and a little unnerving:

Has your mother ever told you to do something you just can’t do?  Have you ever answered, “in a minute!” and shrugged your shoulders or rolled your eyes? Well the boy did.  And you know what? He kept on painting.

We heartily thank the community of readers and thinkers and doers based at the University of Manitoba that creates CM Magazine and encourages made-in-Canada reading material. For the full text of the review, and to read Ms. Wong’s detailed critique of our work, please visit The Boy Who Paints.