Saskatchewan Luck

I’m feeling pretty lucky these days, to be staying in the town of Eastend as writer in residence at Wallace Stegner House.  His are pretty big boots to fill, but it’s a privilege to be here, and to have his smiling face on the wall above the desk.

I’m working on a history book about my colourful corner of the world, but somehow getting away from the nearby history I stroll through and think about every day makes the obvious, well — obvious.

Viewed personally and historically, th[e] almost featureless prairie glows with more colour than it reveals to the appalled and misdirected tourist.  As memory, as experience, those Plains are unforgettable; as history, they have the lurid explosiveness of a prairie fire, quickly dangerous, swiftly over.

Wallace Stegner, Wolf Willow, 1955

I am not appalled.  I may be misdirected.  I am certain that history has not yet been fully written.

I am indebted to the Eastend Arts Council for the chance to stay.  I hope their stewardship of this place continues long into the future.