Get Excited! Get Writing!

Excited about new CPOW books

I was excited to pick up these boxes — with their jewel-toned innards — today at the post office.  Our CPOW program is something that people are really taking to heart as an important piece of their writing toolkit and an essential part of daily living.

Overcome Writers’ Block

At Whistler Writers Fest, I talked about moving past writers’ block.  Our strategies to help us write are often reduced to mere word searches, but in truth, the reasons we’re not getting words on the page are complex and dynamic and tied to what’s going on in our lives.  So don’t blame your brain for being the top part of a human being, and don’t blame the words that simply won’t come to you.

Find Your Voice

CPOW is a way to find focus and joy and excitement — to find your voice as a writer. It uses the power and concentration of the journey of doodling to calm your brain and unleash the words that are inside you.

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Have you ever felt yourself being one of those clients who just seems to never let go?  Does it ever feel like you are constantly trying to get something fixed? Changed? Done?

That is how I have felt about this website for awhile since the moment when — poof! — something happened and — yikes! — lots was gone.  I am pretty sure I was to blame, but I don’t even know enough about the inner life of websites to know that for sure.

This lettuce heart is for the great folks at Crocodile Creative who set a new standard in customer service.  They patiently listened, fixed, and beautified this site — a couple of times.

I am excited about Fenton Street’s work this spring and deeply grateful to have my site up and running — once again.