CPOW Again!

CPOW! We are getting ready to launch three more books in the Contemplative Practice of Writing series.  Launch date is October 15th at the Whistler Writer’s Fest —

Workbook 2: Everyday Celebrations

Workbook 3: Classroom, Homeschool & Microschool Edition — Intermediate

Notebook 1: Extended Word Bank

The Contemplative Practice of Writing (CPOW) program is new way of gently focussing your mind and generating fresh thought.

Creativity thrives when exploration meets constraint, and CPOW exercises invite you to follow the freedom of your pen into your voice as  writer.

First, doodle to a visual CUE for SET TIME in a BOUNDED SPACE.  Then follow a writing PROMPT and fill your WORD BANK.

It seems impossible that the act of doodling can free your words and help you write.  But it works.

Early adopters of the program have called it miraculous, life changing, and have been using it in their classrooms and in their own lives as they have navigated their toughest days.

Get tickets for my WWF CPOW session here:  www.whistlerwritersfest.com

Find a laggy but lovely video with me talking about the program here:  https://youtu.be/w4BshM_9qRc



CPOW Spring 2020


In this uncharted world of Covid 19, we are aware more than ever of the power of words to provide solace and strength, to share new knowledge, and to bind community even across great distance.

We are at work rescheduling our Spring 2020 workshops and reimagining our workshop on CPOW 1 in a digital format.

Stay tuned for more information on the release of more resources to keep you writing and to safeguard your thinking and drafting.

CPOW Workbook 2 — with streamlined instructions, and new cues and prompts

CPOW Workbook 3: Classroom and Homeschool Edition

Wordbank: Standalone Notebook


Canada Day Schedule of Readings

Come and join us at the Fort Langley Festival of the Book between 11 and 3 at Fort Langley Community Hall.  The place will be a-buzzing with book lovers of all ages.

We know it is going to be sunny, so here is our roster of readers for the outdoor stage:

11:00 Betty Sinclair

11:10 Bruce Kilby

11:20 Debra Purdy-Kong

11:30 Darlene Foster


11:50 Philip Sherwood

12:00 Watt and Cole

12:10 Mark Alexander

12:20 Sheila Nickols

12:30 Gail Banning

12:40 Chantelle Saumier

12:50 Georgia Hunter

1:00 Patricia McCuaig

1:10 Jennifer Lott

1:20 Barbara Boldt

1:30 Harrison and Fairweather

1:40 Envy Louis

1:50 David E. Burnell

2:00 Fern Hinse

2:10 Larry Jacobsen

2:20 Selma Turner

We’re excited about our first Fort Langley Festival of the Book.  Hope to see you there.

Nice Poster! Festival of the Book

We have been busy getting ready for the festival and excited about welcoming book lovers to our town. We are especially excited about reading our new book, The Girl Who Writes, to a crowd for the first time. It has something for everyone: stunning paintings of the Fraser River (oops, Richard doesn’t like to name places in his paintings so specifically), visual references to history, and plenty to see for all ages.  We worked hard to craft the words and tell a story that we know will have a long life.

Stay tuned for an updated schedule of events.


Fort Langley Festival of the Book

Celebrate Canada Day in Fort Langley!

We are now registering authors for the Fort Langley Festival of the Book to be held on July 1, 2014 at the Fort Langley Community Hall in beautiful downtown Fort Langley. This free family event will run from 11-3.

Our feature image, above, shows the preliminary work artist Richard Cole has done on our poster. He is cooling his heels while waiting to launch our second children’s book, The Girl Who Writes at the Fort Langley Festival of the Book.

The place will be hopping with book lovers.  We looking forward to hosting — along with Vivalogue Publishing — independent writers and their books as well as the national winners of the Alcuin Book Design competition.  The Fraser Valley Regional Library is one of our core sponsors at this site, and the Bard in The Valley will be performing Julius Caesar on its outdoor stage in front of the hall starting at 3.

The Fort Langley Festival of the Book is one of seven venues celebrating Canada Day in Fort Langley: The Langley Centennial Museum, the British Columbia Farm Machinery Museum, Langley Heritage Society CN Station, Fort Langley National Historic Site and Sxwimela gifts, and lelem’ arts and cultural cafe.

Authors — find registration information here.  Don’t be confused by the name!   http://www.raindancebookfestival.com/

Stay tuned for updates.