Contemplative Practice of Writing

Contemplative Practice of Writing: Workbook 1 is here!  Actually, CPOW 1 has been here since springtime, but I’ve been enjoying talking about it so much, I have been slow in getting it up on the blog.

This is a book that’s near and dear to my heart.  Well, it’s more than just a book.  It’s a workbook and primer too.  And it’s more than just close to my heart — it carries a little piece of it, I think.

I have been a colourer, a doodler, for many years now, and for me it is a way to think better, to work out ideas and connections.  It’s more than just a pastime or an extra, it’s an essential aid to thinking and a way to get with my own thoughts.

I worked with designer Kilmeny Jane Denny at Vivalogue to create this thing I’m so proud of.  At first she was a little lukewarm about CPOW , but she warmed up fast as it came together.  She’s a master — and the beauty and calm she infused in every page is part of its success.

What is CPOW?  It’s a way to begin with loose movements of your pen and to end with words.  It’s a hands-on introduction to a new way of gently focusing your mind and generating fresh thoughts in your very own word bank.  It works at home, and it works in the classroom.  Some people say that with CPOW they can’t stop writing.

We are just getting the buy links sorted out, and are making plans to unroll a series of CPOW evenings in the Lower Mainland.  Think of it: a few hours of calm, a glass of wine and CPOW.  Send me a note through the contacts page for more information.