tea talk

Tea Talk Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to come out on Saturday and talk about art and writing and making space for both in our busy lives.

I was particularly interested in Doris Reidweg’s story of being able to “paper her wall with rejections” before she found a publisher  to believe in her and her work.  See it at Libros Libertad – Canada’s Truly Independent Publisher

Thanks to my mom, Mary, for all the baking.  What would we do without such great moms?

It was an added bonus that because of reverberation in the St. Andrews hall, Kay suggested we move into the sanctuary of the church.  The stained glass glowed.  We talked.  We drank tea.  And Lily played the piano.

Keep writing.  Keep painting.

Remember that the best way to promote books is hand to hand and heart to heart.